Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Evolution of Indigenous - MBN News

Indigenous President & Co-founder, Matt Reynolds, in LA with MBN News talking about the Indigenous Fair Trade & Organic Fashion path over the past 15 years. Check it out!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Youtopia - Vote for Indigenous

Hi Indigenous friends,

We your support! Please vote for Indigenous in the Youtopia contest to help us win $15,000 in Free Range design or strategy services. Free Range produced the "Story of Stuff" and could help us expand an understanding of the importance of Fair Trade handicraft work. You can help by simply voting for Indigenous! Here's how:

Indigenous is listed under the section labeled "Socially Responsible For-Profit" - Vote for: Mindful Purchase For People And The Planet

Thanks for all of our friends and fans for your support!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Political Packrat: Slow Money: A Fast Growing Idea

Slow Money is the name of a book, a movement, and an idea whose time has come. The subtitle of the book " investing as if food, farms and fertility mattered" explains the heart of the movement which is only about a year old, but which is going viral all over the world.

The principles of slow money are not about capitalism or communism but about common sense and basic morality. The idea of slowing money down means to not invest for a quick killing and maximum return for investors, but to invest for long tern goals and the good of both investment and investor.

Political Packrat: Slow Money: A Fast Growing Idea

Indigenous Raises Money for Sebastopol School District

On October 15th and 16th, 2009, Indigenous contributed to the Sebastopol School District fundraising efforts by selling their contemporary fair trade + organic apparel to locals and parents. During the two day effort, Indigenous was able to raise $798 for the Pine Crest, Park Side and Brook Haven Schools of Sebastopol, California.

"I have three daughters in our local school system, so I feel a compelling duty to assist the district with fundraising efforts where possible. In these difficult times when our schools are continually being left behind and under-funded by the State, we at Indigenous Designs feel that it is an honor to serve our community and support raising funds for our children’s education. Supporting and educating the future leaders of America and the World, is a responsibility and investment that can not afford to be marginalized."
Scott Leonard, CEO Indigenous