Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sara Snow gives Indigenous some love!

Thank you Sara Snow for being such a great supporter of fair trade + organic apparel!

See her recent article on Ecouterre!

Sara Snow, Eco-Lifestyle Guru

Win a Weekender Cardigan, Purse From Indigenous Designs (Worth $139)!

Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to shed that heavy coat in favor of something a little more breezy. We’ve got the perfect transitional piece in mind—and we’re giving it away! (It’s Crazy Eddie time, people.) One lucky reader will get to add this 100 percent organic-cotton cardigan by fair-trade clothier Indigenous Designs to their spring wardrobe. Plus, we’re throwing in a gorgeous alpaca cable-knit bag to create a matching ensemble worth $139! Enter now for your chance to win!

Click here to enter to win an alpaca purse and Weekender cardigan at Ecouterre!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celebrities Rave Over Indigenous Fashion & Socially Just Cause, March 2010

"I love the one button hoodie. Mine is silver and so comfortable. Love the arm length, the lightweight hood, and cool button. Nice fit. Anything fair trade and organic is great. Love Mother Earth.“ Annette Harper, Comic.

“"Wow! Thank you very much for giving me such a beautiful item of clothing. It's so nice and soft. It's lovely. I fully support the work of Indigenous Designs. Indigenous truly rocks! Their commitment to making the world a better and happier place is outstanding.“ Eva La Rue, CSI, Miami

"I have always loved fashion and I have always loved the ideas of organic and fair trade products. Combining the two is a splendid idea! Indigenous Designs is excellent and commendable." Rebecca Mader, ABC’s “LOST”

"This sweater is absolutely gorgeous. It is so stunning! I fully support fair trade and organic clothing. It is so wonderful that Indigenous stands up for what is right and what is fair in this world. They should be commended for their excellent efforts and their truly beautiful clothing.“ Kate Linder, CBS Young & the Restless.

"I completely support everything that Indigenous stands for and believes in wholeheartedly. This sweater is definitely something I will wear and cherish. It is beautifully crafted. Indigenous is refreshing and intelligent in what they do. I will tell many friends about Indigenous too.“ Bridget Marquardt – Girls Next Door

"I love this scarf so much! I love the colors and the texture of it. It is a really beautiful scarf. I completely support Indigenous Designs 100%. The organic and fair trade spirit rocks! I have much love and admiration for Indigenous. What an amazing company!" Nina Dobrev, star of The Vampire Diaries" and April 2010 cover girl, Seventeen Magazine.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Loan to Indigneous for Ground Breaking Project

Former RSF borrower Indigenous Designs has just received another loan from RSF, this time in the form of a Project-Related Investment(PRI). The new loan from RSF will specifically support Indigenous Designs as they work with Transfair USA to create the very first standards and procedures for a U.S. apparel and home goods Fair Trade Certifications.

Click here to read more regarding Indigenous' new ground breaking project on Fair Trade apparel:

"Pioneering companies like Indigenous Designs will pave the way for consumers to demand more information about working conditions at factories and farms where their clothes are made", says Todd Stark, Transfair COO, of the collaborative project between the two organizations. Watch this short video to hear some other perspectives (including that of RSF CEO Don Shaffer)on the exciting progress Indigenous has made in their field:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 10 Ideas for Change in America

500 Words for Change in America -

Click on this link to vote for Slow Money on Change.Org: http://bit.ly/slowmoneyidea

Folks across the country know something is wrong. There's just something about the system we've created over several decades that is inherently flawed. Some blame the government, others big banks, still others blame political parties, but all agree that there's something that's just not quite working the way it should. People are losing homes, jobs, and health coverage at an alarming rate because of the societal turbulence in the enormous yet formless thing we call the economy.

Enter Change.org and their 10 Ideas for Change in America. Taking advantage of the concept of "the wisdom of crowds," Change.org launched a campaign to find 10 great ideas. It began with thousands that were submitted by ordinary individuals and organized interest groups alike. These were whittled down through online voting to a more manageable 70 or so, and right now the voting is getting down to the wire to choose which 10 ideas will be presented to the White House - as in formally presented to senior people there, not just sent in an envelope to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You can (and should!) vote too.

All, or nearly all at least, are worthy ideas. Each has its merit and is worthy of consideration. But for those with an interest in food, three of them rise to the top quickly, and first among equals is Slow Money.

The idea is a simple one: invest as if food, farms and fertility actually mattered. Get anyone who invests money (and if you have a 401k or an IRA, that's you too) to direct just 1% of it toward small food enterprises and local food systems. Get at least that small sum of money out of the hands of Wall Street, huge banks and multinationals and use it, quite literally, as seed money. Invest in local farms, food systems, artisans, brewers, bakers, cheesemakers and so on and keep that money close to home.

We'd create a thriving economy that makes real, healthy food, instead of a fake one that just makes money for bankers. One that invests in people and the land, not in some distant amorphous concept called Wall Street.

In their book Inside the Apple, a Streetwise History of New York City, this is how Michelle and James Nevius describe the building of the palisade for which Wall Street was named: "The wall had two major problems: it wasn't needed and it didn't work."

Also interested in investing in the land is the American Farmland Trust, whose idea for saving farm and ranchland is doing quite well in the balloting, as well as an initiative to put a garden in every school. Both are important concepts you've heard me advocate for vociferously for years.

Slow Money is new and novel though, and needs more votes before this thing wraps up at 5pm EST this Friday, 3/12. Please visit Change.org, vote for these 3 ideas and any other 7 you feel are worthy. It's fun, important, and it only takes a couple minutes. Thank you.

By Kurt Friese, Restaurant owner, SFUSA board member, and publisher of Edible Iowa River Valley

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SLOW MONEY "Ideas For Change in America"

Did you vote yet for Slow Money on Change.org "Ideas For Change in America" competition? The top 10 voted ideas will be presented at an event in Washington, DC to relevant members of the Obama Administration, and then promoted to change.org's full community of more than 1 million people. The competition ends at 5pm EST on Friday, March 15th. Here is the link to vote: http://bit.ly/slowmoneyidea

This competition is particularly timely for Slow Money, which just launched its internet communications campaign last week in purusit of a million signatures on the Slow Money Principles by the end of 2011, on the way to a million investors investing 1% of their assets in local food systems within a decade. Most of the other ideas in the change.org competition are sponsored by well established organizations with large national networks. This is a great opportunity for Slow Money to show that interest in local food and genuine economic alternatives is a real, emerging force for social change.

The strength of people’s response to Slow Money in this competition has been a wonderful surprise. We’re moving up fast and have a real shot at making it into the top ten.

Here's what folks who've already voted are saying:

"Slow Money is one of the best ideas for funding land and food based projects I've ever heard of." Lizbeth Brown

"Slow Money is an inspired and important concept. A crucial attitude shift." George Gibson

"Yes jam packed, simple, yet geometric in its potential impact. Slow money, slow food, nutrition, health and wealth based on positive environmental impact, the focus on producing in place of consuming, justice, fairness and consciousness... This is a future I could, and would like to live with." Jorge Navarro

Please vote today and pass along to your friends. Slow Money is committed to investing in small food enterprises and local food systems, connecting investors to their local economies, and building the nurture capital industry. For more information on Slow Money, please visit their website at: www.slowmoneyalliance.org