Friday, February 3, 2012

INDIGENOUS Noted in SVN Article as a Pioneering Brand in Sustainability

Writing for Social Venture Network, Raphael Bemporad of BBMG mentions INDIGENOUS while discussing the future of sustainability in the marketplace. In his vision of the year ahead, we will move toward a more consumer—driven economy, where the value of goods, and the good they do, is of ever increasing importance. 
Youthful, educated, wired and mostly female, [the] New Consumer is asking “why” they should care about brands; and, if they can’t find what they’re looking for, “why not” just create the solutions themselves? New Consumers are more practical and more purposeful, and they’re not willing to wait.
And, with billions of these New Consumers entering the marketplace in developing economies, the key question will be whether brands can reach and delight them—beyond just more consumption—to inspire responsible purchases and deeper participation with health, happiness and sustainability in mind...
If the most emblematic word of 2011 was “occupy,” we believe the word of 2012 will be “engage.”
With an existential howl against the status quo, the global Occupy movement represents a deep yearning for a new way of doing business that replaces short-term, transactional, profit-only thinking with a more responsible, transparent and equitable economy that creates more value for more people in more ways. 
The Harvard Business Review hails the benefits of “The Good Company” that combines financial and social logic into its operations by engaging employees, partners and community institutions in building enduring value and success.
Meanwhile, pioneering brands from Stonyfield to Indigenous Designs to Guayaki are engaging consumers so they can live better and take action on issues that improve our shared future—from promoting sustainable agriculture to protecting endangered habitats to creating more opportunities for the producers of their products around the world.
Click here  to read the entire—well-written and insightful—article by Raphael Bemporad.