Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celebrities Rave Over Indigenous Fashion & Socially Just Cause, March 2010

"I love the one button hoodie. Mine is silver and so comfortable. Love the arm length, the lightweight hood, and cool button. Nice fit. Anything fair trade and organic is great. Love Mother Earth.“ Annette Harper, Comic.

“"Wow! Thank you very much for giving me such a beautiful item of clothing. It's so nice and soft. It's lovely. I fully support the work of Indigenous Designs. Indigenous truly rocks! Their commitment to making the world a better and happier place is outstanding.“ Eva La Rue, CSI, Miami

"I have always loved fashion and I have always loved the ideas of organic and fair trade products. Combining the two is a splendid idea! Indigenous Designs is excellent and commendable." Rebecca Mader, ABC’s “LOST”

"This sweater is absolutely gorgeous. It is so stunning! I fully support fair trade and organic clothing. It is so wonderful that Indigenous stands up for what is right and what is fair in this world. They should be commended for their excellent efforts and their truly beautiful clothing.“ Kate Linder, CBS Young & the Restless.

"I completely support everything that Indigenous stands for and believes in wholeheartedly. This sweater is definitely something I will wear and cherish. It is beautifully crafted. Indigenous is refreshing and intelligent in what they do. I will tell many friends about Indigenous too.“ Bridget Marquardt – Girls Next Door

"I love this scarf so much! I love the colors and the texture of it. It is a really beautiful scarf. I completely support Indigenous Designs 100%. The organic and fair trade spirit rocks! I have much love and admiration for Indigenous. What an amazing company!" Nina Dobrev, star of The Vampire Diaries" and April 2010 cover girl, Seventeen Magazine.