Monday, June 14, 2010

Indigenous showcases their fair trade Fall line at Agura Sushi in West Hollywood

Meeting At The Crossroads Of Fashion and Passion

It was fashion, style and attitude—good attitude, and for a good cause—as Indigenous Fair Trade + Organic clothing designers presented their Fall line, celebrated 15 years of business and helped raise awareness for fair trade.

The red carpet celebration, “A Passion for Eco-Fashion,” featured DJ Ambassador Jr., exotic organic foods, and a fashion show of Indigenous creations from Spring to Summer to Fall, presented by Christine LaLonde of Memoire Events. Honoring the highly style conscious and highly socially responsible woman, the Indigenous brand demonstrated the crossroads of Fashion & Passion.

“On this special night we wanted to share awareness that we all can take care of the planet, help preserve time honored traditions, respect workers rights and still dress ourselves in beautiful, luxurious, top-quality fashion,” says Reynolds, ID’s President.

“For 15 years, we’ve been building on fair trade values, elevating artisan communities, and producing premium organic fashion for thoughtful consumers who appreciate how their money impacts people and the planet,” adds Leonard, the CEO.

The event/fashion show, held at Agura Sushi in West Hollywood and organized in part by David Lasky Public Relations & Christine LaLonde, Memoire Events drew a host of celebrities and Hollywood’s elite.

In attendence were Edin Gali who plays, “Kurt” on “Mad Men” and Anya Benton “Nip/Tuck” who dished about their upcoming film, a suspense thriller entitled, “Cornered.” “I play Detective Harper and I’m the comic relief for the film,” Gali said. “And I’m the punky-spunky lead best friend of the girl who gets kidnapped,” Benton added. The film is currently in production and stars Scott Michael Campbell.

The actors were, of course, at the Indigenous event to show support for the clothing company that, “honors both people and the planet.”

Gali continued, “I’m here supporting Indigenous and the founders Matt and Scott. I’ve been a client of theirs for a while. I’m from Bosnia, so anything that involves helping somebody or something, I’m in.” Gali admitted that he’s also an avid recycler.

Actor Israel Korn (who has appeared in “Vampire Diaries”) majored in environmental engineering in college and said, “I support anything that is environmentally and eco-friendly. So if you’re environmentally friendly, you will find me there.”

Also in attendance, Rachel Avalon, a holistic nutritionist and the 2009 Project Green Search Winner and Activist. “I’m a big believer in what fair trade is really about. The more we can support companies that really honor all people the better.”

“For a lot of places in the world the apparel cycle has led to exploitation, first of the environment, then of the workers,” says Reynolds. “We believe there’s another way, a better way, a mindful way. That message of awareness is what this celebration was all about. Indigenous will continue to serve as a beacon to the fashion world, offering a positive choice for People and the Planet without sacrificing style.’
“We’ve been very successful in guiding our brand to the cross roads where the passion for fair trade values and premium fashion meet,” Leonard agrees. “And our customers in the fashion industry have met us at that cross roads of fashion and passion and demonstrated that they do care about more than just the fashion and fit; they also appreciate knowing their mindful purchase is helping entire communities to elevate and thrive.”

“Friday night was a celebration of 15 years of Indigenous fair trade fashion and recognizing all who have supported the journey. One example is the people and sponsors that made the event possible. Christine LaLonde and David Lasky have been amazing and inspired us in this Passion for Fair Trade fashion collaboration. In addition, we were so blessed to have the support of great fair trade and Eco companies like Guayaki, Alter Eco, Sambazon, Livity, Conscious Living TV, Daily Acts , Eco Fabulous, New Belgium Brewing, Sweet Riot, Go Local BALLE, and Global Action Through Fashion.”

Indigenous Designs Corporation is considered a true pioneer in premium eco-sensitive and socially–conscious apparel. Indigenous has provided ecological and fair-trade quality clothing since 1994, and has established itself as a national clothing brand label, employing over 1,500 highly skilled artisans in knitting groups and cooperatives. The Indigenous collection is available through Garnet Hill, Territory Ahead, REI and over 600 premium specialty boutiques nationwide. For a complete list of retailers visit the website at For samples, images or more information, editorial media may contact David Lasky, Blast Off Public Relations, at (323) 899 5085 or at

Check out this Video of the event brought to us by Positive Magazine!