Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indigenous is Founding Brand Member of Eco Working Group

The Eco Index is a ground-breaking environmental assessment tool designed to advance sustainability practices within the outdoor industry. It provides companies throughout the supply chain a way to benchmark and measure their environmental footprint, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make informed sourcing and product life cycle decisions.

Scott Leonard, CEO of Indigenous Designs has been actively involved with Outdoor Industry Association and is a founding brand member of the Eco Working Group. He explained, “I am hopeful that the Eco Index will influence and guide sustainable practices throughout the outdoor industry, putting it ahead of the sustainability curve. If we are going to move the needle on eco-products, we need to work collaboratively with the larger brands.”

Read the full article, "Three Reasons to Pilot the Outdoor Industry Association’s New Eco Index."

We also encourage you to learn more about the Eco-Index by visiting the beta website.