Wednesday, December 7, 2011

EcoLogic and AllianceExchange work to save tropical ecosystems by helping the indigenous people who live there.

For the past four years, two amazing not-for-profit organizations—EcoLogic and AllianceExchange—have partnered together to raise funds and promote each other's programs. EcoLogic empowers rural and indigenous people to restore and protect tropical ecosystems. AllianceExchange provides rainforest children with educational opportunities, thus preparing the next generation for their work—to be stewards of their Kishwa culture and their Amazonian rainforest environment.

Together, EcoLogic and AllianceExchange recently held a fundraising event in Cambridge. Indigenous was proud to be able to help sponsor the event by contributing a "Winter Care Package," which turned out to be the most popular item at the raffle. We think that Peggy, the winner of the Indigenous Designs fair trade, artisan-made hat, gloves and scarf, looks absolutely lovely! Thank you to EcoLogic and AllianceExchange for the important work you do, and thank you to all of their supporters who came out for the event.