Wednesday, June 10, 2009

B Corporations on the Road

B Corporations on the Road:
Hanson Bridgett's Sustainable Business Leadership Forum drew Eric Ryan (Method), Scott Leonard (Indigenous Designs), and Reem Rahim (Numi Organic Tea) to speak about B Corporations.

Sustainable Business Conference in Sonoma County drew Matt Reynolds (Indigenous Designs), Mal Warwick (Mal Warwick & Associates), Mike Hannigan (Give Something Back) and Michael Straus (Straus Communications) on a panel about B Corps.

Sustainable Brands Conference drew Jeff Mendelsohn (New Leaf Paper), joined Jay Coen Gilbert and Susan MacCormac in a plenary on the past and future of the corporation. Mike Hannigan, Reem Rahim, Edouard Rollet (Alter Eco), and Jay also spoke about B.