Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring/Summer 2010 Photo Shoot

Images for the Indigenous Spring 2010 Photo shoot have been rolling in and they look fabulous!

This season opens up to a new idea of femininity, expressed within 2 concepts.

First, using refined knits, we have merged a new delicate minimalism with a sporty contemporary design feel, equating to a fresh unique look that brings us "back to basic" silhouettes with a twist.

Second, designed with vintage inspiration and subtle femininity, these silhouettes have a light sense of grace containing subtle, fragile detailing reminiscent of another place and time.

Elements of this season stitch work are:
* Melange Twisting
* Variegated Flamme knits - Creating a "barley textured feel"
* Crochet / Folkloric pieces - Precious, yet rustic are the key elements here.
* Sheer and graphic knit detailing - Knitting mishaps, runs and loose knits capture and fragile and modern trend.

Color Trend - Neutrals: Clear minerals such and white, gray and khaki - resonate with timeless elegance of safari spirit.

Color: Cool hues of navy, lavender, sea glass, and warm summer amber's - embodies the season's natural glow.

Designed to make everyday life beautiful!