Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grass Roots Friends of Slow Money Campaign

A few weeks ago, I participated in the inaugural national gathering of the Slow Money Alliance, and I am extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity for this new organization to have major impact on our food system and our economy. Many of that event's 450 participants, from 34 states and six countries, felt the historic import of Slow Money's approach to finance, activism and entrepreneurship. We were deeply moved at the prospect of beginning to fix the economy, from the ground up. Slow Money is a non-profit dedicated to steering new sources of capital to local food systems, empowering individual investors to reconnect with their local economies and building an entirely new financial sector -- the nurture capital industry.

We are inspired, and we hope that if you take a minute or two to look at, you will be, too. See some of the commentary from the inaugural gathering. Read the Slow Money Principles. See the growing list of Founding Members. Slow Money's mission and strategy could not be more timely. And so, we've been moved to action. To augment the Slow Money team's campaign to grow membership in the Slow Money Alliance, which starts at $25 and which has more than 125 Founding Members of over $1,000 or more, many of us are participating in an immediate grassroots Friends of Slow Money campaign to galvanize hundreds of thousands of $5 donations in the coming weeks.

Please join me in pledging to donate $5 to the Slow Money Alliance on October 6th. Do so here:

Thanks for your help!
Matt Reynolds