Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Official Pardon from Saveagallon

Reports from the Sustainability Across America Tour

I knew from the start that this road trip wasn’t the most eco-friendly way to report on the sustainability movement. Yes, it’s been weighing on my conscience and my heavy carbon footprint. That is, until the good guys at Saveagallon issued me this Official Pardon!
I joined the Saveagallon community after college as a fun way to gauge all that carbon and cash I was saving by walking and biking to work everyday. It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated to maintain your alternative methods of transportation, and they make it fun for the whole family. Over the past year, the SAG guys have experimented with projects like SAG eco-allowances for kids, where you can tally alternative transportation savings to offer as incentives for your kids to carpool to soccer practice and more.
This year the organization based in Davis, California has teamed up with Davis Bicycles in a year long project with the Davis School District. They’ve created a mechanism to track participation in an alternative transportation contest by user, classrooms, schools and school districts to generate some real buzz around environmental responsibility, health, and community participation amongst kids.
Just the kind of stuff the movement for sustainability is built upon.

Check our shiny new Official Pardon and sign up to to put a fun twist on all that peddling and pavement pounding you’ve been doing!

Trumpets Blaring Certificate Ceremony Time…

Ms. Jones, for all your hard work and dedication to making the world a better place, we at would like to present to you one very cheesy, virtual pardon to drive as much as you need to see this tour through. If anyone give you any trouble about driving and eco-reporting just send them to this link. We’ve got your back!